Why Is My Car Sputtering While I’m Driving Fast?

You step on the accelerator and your engine sputters. It starts to cut in and out as you’re driving fast. What on earth is going on? Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair can find out why your car, truck, CUV, or SUV keeps sputtering. Chances are, the cause is one of the problems listed below.

Spark Plug Problems

The spark plugs are responsible for generating the sparks that detonate the air and fuel found in the cylinders. If the spark plugs are malfunctioning, they may not ignite the air and fuel and burn it completely before more of the mixture is pushed into the cylinders. The unburned fuel in the cylinders can cause your engine to sputter because it is misfiring or firing multiple times.

Fuel Injector Problems

The spark plugs might be okay, but you might not have enough fuel in the cylinders. This can happen if your fuel injectors, the part responsible for spraying fuel into the cylinders, are dirty and/or clogged. This causes a condition where your engine is starved of the fuel that it needs to meet your power demands. Consequently, the engine will sputter as if it is running out of gas.

Vacuum Problems

Your vehicle takes some of the vacuum created in the combustion chamber and uses it to power accessories and systems. The vacuum is pushed through hoses that can develop leaks over time. If the vacuum hoses are leaking, your engine will lose vacuum pressure, and it will sputter as a result.

Sensor Problems

Two vehicle sensors, in particular, can make your engine sputter: the mass airflow and oxygen sensor. Both are tasked with measuring the air in your engine. The mass airflow sensor measures the air coming into the engine; the oxygen sensor measures the oxygen in the exhaust. If either is malfunctioning, you might have too much air in the combustion chamber and your engine will sputter.

Exhaust Problems

As the air and fuel are burned in the combustion chamber, the exhaust system pulls the resulting gases out of the chamber so they can exit through the tailpipe. This frees up space in the combustion chamber for more air and gas to keep your engine running. If the exhaust system is clogged, the exhaust will remain in the combustion chamber and cause your engine to sputter.

These are just some of the reasons why your automobile’s engine will sputter when you are driving at higher speeds. Call Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair in Chesterton, IN, to schedule an appointment. We’ll find out why you are having engine performance issues and fix the problem.