AC and Heat Repair

ac and heat repair
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Temperature plays a big role in the overall performance and comfort of your vehicle. Both in the cabin and under the hood, your vehicle needs to maintain the appropriate temperatures. At Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair, our ASE certified technicians have all the experience and equipment necessary to provide you with the best automotive AC, heater, and cooling system services and repairs you need.

Automotive AC Repair Near Me

During the warmer summer months in Chesterton, IN, you want to know that your vehicle’s air conditioner will be able to cool you down when you come in from the heat. After all, nobody wants to get out of their car looking like a sweaty mess. We get it. An easy way to prevent AC failure is to have your vehicle’s AC system inspected, serviced, and possibly recharged before the summer months set in.

During your AC service, we will provide you with a thorough inspection checking for leaks and possible damage as well as recommend any repairs so that you can stay comfortable all summer long.

Even with regular service, there may be times that your vehicle’s AC needs to be repaired, and knowing the signs that your AC is failing is the best way to have it repaired before it completely shuts down. Some of the signs you need auto AC service or repair include:

  • Weak airflow
  • Inability to cool the car down due to warmer than normal air
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Foul smell coming from the vents
  • Your AC is exhibiting new or worse noises

Automotive Heater Repair

As important as your vehicle’s AC is during the summer months, your heater is just as important in terms of keeping you comfortable in the winter. But it also plays a part in defrosting your windows as well as helping cool your engine when it begins to run hot. If you are having trouble staying warm behind the wheel, contact us for heater repair.

Automotive Cooling System Repair

We have had many customers assume that their vehicle’s cooling system and AC systems were one and the same. In reality, they are completely separate from one another. Your cooling system is responsible for preventing engine overheating and major damage by circulating coolant to cool it down. Anytime you notice that your engine is running hot, it should be attended to immediately. An overheating engine can lead to serious trouble.

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