Testing and Diagnostics

Testing and DiagnosticsAnytime you see a mechanic simply dive into an auto repair without properly testing it first, it should be a red flag. When this happens, it will lead to more time spent in the repair shop and potentially higher repair bills. Today’s vehicles are more technologically sophisticated than ever before. They are equipped with advanced computer systems that control and connect all of your vehicle’s major components and systems.

At Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair in Chesterton, IN, we have kept up with that technology by equipping our mechanics with state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic equipment. When you come to see us for auto repair, we will utilize that technology to test and diagnose your vehicle before we ever start the repairs.

Check Engine Light Chesterton, IN

Is your check engine light on? Don’t panic and don’t ignore it. The check engine light is one of the best parts of the modern-day vehicle’s computer system. The computer periodically scans your system for potential problems and when it finds one it alerts you by turning on your check engine light.

These issues could be anything from a loose gas cap to transmission trouble, but whatever the issue is, it is important to have it addressed before it gets worse. If your check engine light is on, come see our mechanics and request a diagnostic scan.

Dashboard Warning Lights Chesteton, IN

The check engine light isn’t the only warning light on your dashboard. While dashboard warning lights may vary from vehicle to vehicle, they are all important to drivers. Some of the warning lights you might find on your dashboard include:

  • Brake warning light
  • Oil pressure light
  • Engine temperature light
  • Tire pressure light
  • ABS warning light
  • Airbag light
  • Traction control light
  • Battery light
  • Low fuel light

If any of these lights are on and they are an indicator of trouble, address them as soon as you can.

Vehicle Diagnostics Chesterton, IN

As important as a diagnostic scan is and as much as it helps, it is not the only step in the vehicle diagnostics process. In fact, it is only the first step. The results from a diagnostic scan act as a roadmap to let your mechanic know where the problem is, but they need to use their expertise to find what the problem actually is. The ASE-Certified mechanics at Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair have all the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to accurately diagnose your vehicle the first time and provide you with answers.

Diagnostics Near Me

Let our team of experts properly diagnose your car’s issue. From your check engine light being on to other problems, we can do it all. Make an appointment today.

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