About Us


We are a family-owned TechNet Automotive Service Center giving you local, friendly service backed by the benefits of a national network. We promise to use the highest quality parts, the latest equipment and the newest technology to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Hello! My name is Mark Cergizan and I am the owner here at Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair. We are a family-owned automotive and truck repair business dedicated to honest, accurate, and reliable repairs and maintenance services.

I have been a professional in the automotive field for 20 years, but my passion for all things mechanical started long before my career. As a child growing up, I was always in the garage with my dad, helping him with his hobby of restoring antique farm equipment. My earliest experience as a “mechanic” started with a go-kart and a mini bike! There was only one engine between the two vehicles, so when I wanted to ride the go-kart, I would have to swap the engine from the mini bike! My father patiently guided me but refused to do the work for me. I loved so much to learn from him how things were designed and how they functioned. In high school, I became involved in the vocational auto repair program. I attended Universal Technical Institute following high school, and completed the Mercedes-Benz ELITE graduate training program. From there, I started my professional career as a Mercedes-Benz dealer technician. For 10 years, I enjoyed and took great pride in servicing and repairing these fantastic European vehicles.

In 2012, I decided to leave the dealership world. Out of a desire to work on all types of vehicles, to provide exceptional, honest, accurate, and reliable services, and with the encouragement of my beautiful and supportive wife Melissa, I decided to start Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair! Today, we are more passionate than ever about providing the best value to our wonderful customers. We know that your vehicle is an important investment, and our goal is to help keep your investment safe and reliable. We hope that we can earn your trust and be your repair shop of choice. We love cars, and we love our customers!

Mark Cergizan