Should I Get My Oil Changed Every 3,000 Miles or 7,500 Miles?

Synthetic motor oil has made getting oil changes a bit confusing and debatable. Here’s the thing, the best bet for any automobile is to change the motor oil when the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it. You should also use the oil type and weight recommended in your owner’s manual. There are a few reasons to divert from the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, so let’s talk about oil changes and how Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair can help you choose the best oil and changing schedule.

Motor Oils

There are four types of motor oil: conventional, high-mileage, synthetic, and synthetic blend. Most automobiles do just fine with conventional motor oil; it’s been around forever and does a fantastic job of protecting your engine. High-mileage and synthetic or synthetic blend motor oils are designed to give added protection to engines that require more than conventional motor oil can offer.

Engines That Need Added Protection

You’ve already figured out that high-mileage motor oil protects engines that have a lot of history attached to their odometer. This motor oil is designed to lubricate and protect older engines parts more effectively than conventional oil. Synthetic is pretty the same. This oil works well in older automobiles that more susceptible to engine damage as well as high-performance engines.

Motor Oil Protections

All motor oil is designed to lubricate moving engine parts so they don’t generate too much friction and overheat. The oil also draws the existing heat away from the parts as well as cleans them as it flows over them. High-mileage oil also helps prevent leaks in older engines, and both high-mileage and synthetic oils have additives that help them stand up to engine heat better and last longer.

This is where some of the confusion about oil change duration comes into play. Conventional motor oil breaks down sooner, so it should be changed every 3,000 miles. The general recommendation for synthetic oil changes is every 7,500 miles. To confuse things even further, some high-mileage oil boasts it can last up to 15,000 miles between oil changes. So, what’s best for your car?

Personalization Is Key

Your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation is the first place you should go. Take a look at your owner’s manual to see what it says about oil changes. Don’t stop there, however. If your vehicle has over 75,000 miles on it, it’s time to consider a high-mileage motor oil. If you put a lot of miles on your automobile daily and/or drive like a maniac or in tons of traffic, synthetic might be a good idea.

Stop by Cergizan’s Auto and Truck Repair’s auto service shop in Chesterton, IN, and talk with us about your vehicle, driving habits, and daily commute. We can personalize an oil change schedule and motor oil recommendation perfect for your automobile’s needs.